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The moisture problem

Where there are minerals or building materials there is usually water. When there is a relatively small presence of water it is normally called moisture.

Firstly, nobody wants to pay for water, so from the very start - such as the shipping or purchase stage - it is necessary to know the moisture/water content of the material. Then if the materials are to be used in a process, such as ceramics or concrete manufacture, it is also usually important to know the moisture content before, during and after the process.

The measurement problem

For most materials and processes there are precious few techniques for water content measurement. Existing methods often require tedious sampling and tend to be either crude and time-consuming or involve delicate and expensive laboratory-type equipment.

Enter the MicroLance. Invented by Hydramotion and used throughout the world, this unique instrument was born out of this need for fast and accurate water content measurement of sand, cement and other bulk materials in industry.

Sand moistureAbout the MicroLance

The instrument measures moisture and temperature of minerals and building materials at depths up to six feet (nearly 2 meters) - simply by insertion. The digital readings are shown instantly. The MicroLance has a built-in computer which gives it the flexibility to handle a wide range of materials and water contents.

To use the MicroLance

Simply insert and read.

What is the MicroLance advantage?

The ability to rapidly and accurately measure the moisture content of hundreds of tons of material. There is no sampling or laborious use of chemicals, balances or ovens.

The key to the MicroLance is the streamlined sensor known for its shape as the warhead. This robust and accurate sensor can penetrate many feet into large loads, which is particularly important as water usually settles in the most inaccessible lower parts of the bulk. The reading is made instantaneously, allowing large quantities of material to be rapidly tested. An 'averager' facility provides a single reading for the whole of the bulk.

With thousands of users in many industries around the world, the amazing simplicity, speed of use and accuracy have made the MicroLance the perfect instrument for bulk moisture measurement.


Any environment where minerals or building materials are being shipped, stored or processed.