Instant moisture measurement

30 years and still the worlds fastest moisture meter

Instant moisture

About the

The instrument measures moisture and temperature of minerals and building materials at depths up to 2 meters - simply by insertion. Digital readings are shown instantly.

The Microlance is flexible and can handle a wide range of materials and water contents.

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The Microlance

  • No sampling
  • No balances
  • No ovens

The Microlance allows the user to rapidly and accurately measure the moisture content of hundreds of tons of material.

The Microlance’s robust and accurate “warhead” sensor can penetrate into large loads, which is particularly important as water usually settles in the most inaccessible lower parts of the bulk. The reading is made instantaneously, allowing large quantities of material to be rapidly tested.

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Technical Specs

Typically 0-25%
± 0.1
Better than ±0.5% of range
Measurement Technique
Temperature compensated electric field
-20°C to 60°C
Better than 0.5°C
Measurement Technique
BS1904 / DIN 751 Platinum resistance detector
4 x 1.5V AA Cells (or equivalent)


30 years and still the fastest
moisture meter

Case Studies

Tarmac used the Microlance as a cost-effective way of accurately determining moisture content in their older plants where moisture probes are not fitted.

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The Microlance portable moisture meter is proving its worth for Australian quarrying firm Daracon Quarries.

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The Microlance played a vital part in the laying of basecourse materials for a 90-kilometre stretch of sealed, high-standard road in Western Australia.

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